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SHYC - Scituate Junior Regatta - Volunteers Needed
July 25, 2018

Dear SHYC Sailing Community:

As you know, the SHYC regatta is approaching, and we will be hosting it on Monday-Tuesday, August 6-7, with many of the sailors arriving on Sunday, August 5.

I'm writing you personally to encourage you to help out as we run this regatta. Particularly for those of you who may be somewhat new to the sailing program with your own kids, you may not be aware that this regatta is one of the flagship sailing events on the whole east coast with, for example, this year some competitors traveling even from Canada to enjoy our beautiful coastline with some top-line sailing.

When my own 4 kids were starting sailing, to be honest I was somewhat intimidated in trying to assist. I didn't know much about regattas—my kids were all of sudden using strange lingo, there were all these other folks from SHYC who seemed to know everything and who had done this for years, and the regatta was one of those things that 'just happened'.

In reality, volunteering with the regatta is a tremendous way to become engaged with all of SHYC, and to meet a lot of members who volunteer their time even if they no longer sail themselves, never did sail, and/or never had kids who sailed. It really is an 'all hands' effort…and no amount of donated time is too small. It is extremely rewarding.

On behalf of the Regatta Planning Committee, I'm asking if you would consider helping us out on Sunday, Monday, and/or Tuesday of the regatta. We have needs for folks to help us make sandwiches (See? No sailing experience needed!), direct traffic at parking lots, help flip burgers (you can even have one for free!), be a passenger on someone else's boat (or use your own) to help observe the safety of the races, and any of a number of other things. One thing in particular that we ask….would you consider housing some of the competitors who have traveled here? My family and I have done this in the past (and will again this year) and it is very easy: the sailors are very self-sufficient, will sleep on the floor…they've done this before at many other regattas and have a very low footprint. If you have room for 2-3 very well behaved and appreciative sailors, let us know.

Please, consider participating in this premier event. True story…I ran into a fellow from a neighboring town while traveling very far from here and he saw my SHYC hat and said that our sailing event was the highlight of his kids' summers over the years. Our impact is wide!

Please email me at '' to express interest or ask questions, or you can directly click your preference and information at…

Thank you in advance,

Rick Murray and the Sailing Committee (Kevin Logue, Chair)

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