Scituate Harbor Yacht Club

Scituate Harbor Yacht Club

Ladies Committee

Dear SHYC Members,

After such a long winter, summer 2018 has finally arrived! I am delighted to be serving as the Ladies Committee Chairperson. The Ladies Committee is filled with with hard working, creative and enthusiastic volunteers who are looking forward to an especially great season at our club. We hope you will join us for our traditional Ladies Events, as well as some new offerings.

A special thank you to all the kind and generous women who have agreed to serve on the Ladies Committee; none of these events would be possible without their many hours of devotion to our club. My heartfelt thanks to the following women: Molly Costello, Tracy McKenna, Amy Logue, Kerry Logue, Jane Logue, Suzanne Russell, Lianne Cataldo, Jen Palmer, Jennifer Hausmann, Maura McDonald, Cara Belvin, Jessica Curtin, Amy Mahery, Michelle Almeida, Colleen Geary, Erin Brighton, Melissa Lent, Laura Page and Jayme Parker.

On behalf of Commodore Jen Davis, and all of the Ladies Committee, we look forward to a wonderful summer at the Club.

Warm regards,

Gerilyn Vandam
Ladies Committee Chairperson

Key Event and Dates

Ladies Morning Coffee: Please join us from 9:30-11:00 for a wide variety of vendors and presentations along with a bite to eat…

June 25, July 2, July 9, July 16, July 30, August 13 and August 20

Hosted by: Michelle Almeida, Erin Brighton, Colleen Geary, Melissa Lent, Laura Page, Jen Palmer and Jayme Parker

May 6: New Member Reception

Hosted by: Molly Costello and Tracy McKenna

May 13: Mother's Day Dinner

Hosted by: Amy Logue, Kerry Logue, and Jane Logue

June 6: Ladies Luncheon

Hosted by: Lianne Cataldo and Suzanne Russell

July 4: Kids Party and Crazy Boat Race

Hosted by: Jennifer Hausmann and Jen Palmer

July 20: Poolside Cocktail Party

Hosted by: Cara Belvin and Maura McDoanld

August 15: Fashion Show

Hosted by: Jessica Curtin and Amy Mahery

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