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Fellow Members,

We are gearing up for a very exciting sailing program this year.  The Sailing Committee’s plan is to build on the momentum established in past years and continue to emphasize fun and learning on the docks at SHYC!

Our sailing program emphasizes four priorities:

●       Building our sailors’ self confidence on the water;

●       Creating a culture of learning and achievement;

●       Offering more ways for kids and adults to be involved in sailing

●       Creating an environment which fosters a lifelong love of sailing. 

Our plan this summer is to continue to build on these themes.

The most critical ingredient to the success of our program is our instructors, and I am very pleased to introduce this summer’s teaching staff:

●       Head instructor/420 Racing coach: Margaux Bertola*, a student at St. Anselm College;

●       Opti Racing coach: Zach Lehan*,  a student at George Washington University

●       Pram & Opti coach: Fisher Hunnewell*,  a student at Cohasset High School

●       Pram & Opti coach: Karlee Koswick, a student at Villanova University

* returning from last summer

We are instituting some curriculum requirements that will help us assess our sailors which will serve as a guide to finding your child’s next sailing level.

 This year we will host our 30th annual Scituate Junior Regatta on August 7th & 8th.  The membership should be very proud of this event, which over the past 29 years has become known to many young sailors as a highlight of the regatta season.  This event is also a wonderful way for us to reciprocate the hospitality that is extended to our sailors when they compete in other area regattas.  It takes many volunteers to successfully host this great event; please consider lending a hand and supporting this fantastic tradition.

 In addition to the Scituate Junior Regatta, we plan to participate in these area regattas this summer:

●       Hingham Bay Junior Regatta:  July 13th & 14th (Thur & Fri)

●       Squantum Yacht Club’s Lipton Cup Regatta: July 15th and 16th (Sat & Sun)

●       Hull Yacht Club’s Junior Scorpion Bowl Regatta:  July 27 & 28 (Thur & Fri)

●       Others may be added, so stay tuned!

 Our lessons begin on Monday, June 19th and end on Friday, August 18. Additional sailing dates can be found on our club calendar online.  Please refer to the information included in this package for additional information on sailing lessons being offered this summer.

 The fees are reasonable!  The cost is $200 for your first child in the sailing program, $115 for the second, and $85 for each additional child.

 We are also excited to offer two courses of adult sailing.  Each 4 week session consists of 8 classes (two per week, weather permitting) and costs $85 per participant.

 Life jackets are required for all levels of sailing.

 To provide more details about the many exciting things happening with our program this summer, the Sailing Committee will again host a reception for all interested in learning more.  The reception will take place in the dining room on Sunday, June 4th from 6-7:30pm.  Our instructors will be there as well to share insights into each program and to offer suggestions on the best class for your child. Please join us to learn more about this summer’s classes and activities. 


 Matt West, Sailing Chair



29th Annual Junior Regatta 8/1-8/2:

Link to Regatta Details, Notice of Race and Registration

This event takes LOTS OF VOLUNTEERS, no time donation is too small!  

Sign up on our Sign-Up Genius Page to volunteer for a number of different tasks on 7/31, 8/1, and 8/2:

  • safety boat (with your boat or on a boat)
  • Parking lot help
  • check-in
  • breakfast shift
  • Lunch shift - 
  • Cookout - cook or serve
  • Adult Cocktail party food
  • Cleanup

Class Descriptions and Schedule

Beginner Pram A, B and C

Learn to sail in the club-owned Vanguard Prams. Students will learn in a recreational sailing atmosphere the parts of a boat, points of sail, right of way rules and basic knots. In addition, they will learn how to rig and de-rig, sail on a reach, tack, jibe, return to the dock, and use the safety position. Students will also learn how to safely capsize and right the boat.

Requirements:  7 years old by July 1.


Beginner Pram A      Tuesday, Thursday & Friday             8:00 – 10:00                                      

Beginner Pram B:      Monday, Wednesday & Friday      10:00 – 12:00


Intermediate Pram A and B

This class will review the basics of recreational sailing, fine-tuning those skills and increase confidence levels. Basic navigation skills will be introduced and applied to abilities mastered in Beginner Pram.   Students will sail upwind, downwind, determine wind direction, properly trim sails, and sail around a race-course.

Requirements: Completed Beginner Pram sailing class


Intermediate Pram   Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 1:00 – 3:00


Opti 1

Students will take their skills to a new level by sailing their own boat. Students will learn the points of sailing, right of way rules and basic knots. In addition, they will learn how to rig and de-rig, sail on a reach, tack, jibe, return to the dock and, most importantly, how to stay safe on the water and how to safely capsize and right their boat.  Students will be encouraged to also participate in the Friday SHYC Race Series and other area regattas.

Requirements: Completed Intermediate Pram.  Provide own Optimist boat and equipment.

 Schedule: Opti 1      Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur         8:00 – 10:00


Opti 2

Student will continue to build on skills they’ve learned. They will also learn to sail upwind and downwind, determine wind direction, properly trim the sail, roll tack, and sail around a course.  Students will be encouraged to also participate in the Friday SHYC Race Series as well as other area regattas.

Requirements: Successfully completed Opti 1. Provide own Optimist boat and equipment        

Schedule: Opti 2       Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur         10:00 – 12:00


Opti Race

This class is for the more serious Opti sailor who will compete in home and away regattas, including the Friday SHYC Race Series.  Students will be exposed to stronger afternoon winds and learn to take advantage of them.

Requirements: Successfully completed Opti 2. Provide own Optimist boat and equipment.

 Schedule: Opti Race           Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur         12:30 – 4:00                    


Introduction to 420

This class is for sailors who are new to 420s.  Students will be introduced to recreational sailing in high performance sailing dinghies using club-owned 420s, a two-person boat, where students will learn to function as both skipper and crew. As abilities permit, students will learn to rig and de-rig, fly spinnakers and use the trapeze. The goal is for students to continue to build confidence as crew and skipper and work toward improving their overall boat handling skills.  As students progress, racing skills will be introduced and developed with emphasis on both individual and team racing skills. Students will also be encouraged to participate in the Friday SHYC Race Series as well as other area regattas.

Requirements: Completed Opti 2 and or Mercury program and demonstrate strong sailing skills.  Recommended sailors weigh 100lbs.         

Schedule: Intro to 420          Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur         8:30 – 12:00


Advanced 420

This class is for more experienced sailors who have already completed at least one season in 420s and will continue to build on skills learned.  In particular, this class will focus on performance sailing and more advanced individual and team racing skills.  Students will also be encouraged to participate in the Friday SHYC Race Series as well as other area regattas.

Requirements: Completed Intro to 420.


Schedule: Advanced 420   Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur         12:30 – 4:00


Mercury Class

Students will have a chance to be introduced to the sport through the use of the 14 ft Mercury.  More stable than the 420 and perfectly built for all sailors.  Whether you are a novice or more skilled sailor, this is a great class for you.

Requirement: 7 years old by July 1.

 Schedule: Mercury  Tuesday & Thursday             12:30 – 2:30


SHYC Commodore’s Cup Race Series

The SHYC Race Series is provided to all Opti and 420 sailors who wish to develop their racing skills in this inter club racing format.  Each week, participants will spend time focusing on a core racing skill (e.g. starting, roll tacking, etc.) followed by a series of races.  Scores will be kept throughout the series so that student can track their progress and performance.  The 420 skipper, 420 crew and Opti Series Winners will win the Commodore’s Cup! 

Requirements: This class is designed for Opti and 420 sailors of all ages and abilities.


Schedule: SHYC Race Series          Friday              12:30 – 4:00


Junior Instructor Program   

We offer a Junior Instructor (JI) program for our sailors who want to help our sailing staff teach lower level classes.  In addition to being an additional set of eyes and hands, the JI program grooms our participants to become instructors at other clubs - a worthwhile and exciting job.   Requirements: Potential participants in the JI program must apply for their positions in the Spring, and fulfill a first aid class requirement.        


Adult Sailing

Back by popular demand, our Adult Sailing program has two sessions each consisting of 8 classes that meet in the evening twice weekly for 4 weeks. Interest is strong in these classes and is available on a first registered, first served basis.  Cost is $85 per session. Participants are encouraged to bring wine and cheese for après sailing get-togethers.


First session                                                     June 19 - July 13

Mondays and Thursdays                             5:00-7:30pm


Second session                                             July 13 - August 3

Mondays and Thursdays                             5:00-7:30pm



2017 Mass. Boating Safety Certificate Course

Operators of motorized vessels 12 to 16 years old are required to have on their person a Boating Safety Certificate evidencing their successful completion of a Massachusetts Boating Safety Course approved by the Boat & Recreational Safety Bureau of the Massachusetts Environmental Police.  The Scituate Harbor Yacht Club is offering this course to adult AND junior members again this year.

Requirements: You must be at least 10 years old to participate and you must be at least 12 years old by Labor Day to receive your Boating Safety Certificate


This course will include:

  •          general information concerning vessels and maintenance
  •          information to make your boating experience safer and more comfortable
  •          tips on how to be a more courteous vessel operator
  •          a review of the laws and regulations to which you must adhere 

This course complies with the Boating Safety Certificate requirements and will be a benefit to novice boaters of all ages.



Dates:                        June 26, 27 and July 10

Where:                       SHYC Dining Room

When:                        June 26th, 5:30 – 9:00 pm, June 27th & July 10th 6–9 pm

Register:                     On-line at or email

Cost:                           FREE – All course materials provided!


Please bring a pencil and notepad.


Participants MUST attend ALL THREE classes and complete final exam to obtain the Certificate.


For further information please contact Steven M. Guard (

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