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SHYC - Tennis Dinner and Finals
Posted on: August 31, 2019
SHYC - Tennis Dinner and Finals
Posted on: August 29, 2019
SHYC - 2019 Tennis Finals Schedule
Posted on: August 24, 2019


After a long and wet spring, we finally have summer and tennis in our sights. The members of the Tennis Committee are all looking forward to a busy and fun tennis season and I'd like to thank them all for their efforts in volunteering again this year. We're also pleased to welcome Mike Davis back as our Head Tennis Professional who will be leading our tennis program once again. We'd also like to welcome all the new members to the SHYC and the tennis program. We'd like you to know there are tennis events ` Mixed Doubles and the Adult/Child will all play their Finals and Consolation matches at the end of the summer. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or recommendations to help us make
the tennis experience at the club as good as we'd all like it to be.

I'd like to thanks the hard working volunteer members of the Tennis Committee who make all of the tournaments and events happen throughout the summer. Many of the members of the Tennis Committee have been a part of the tennis program for many years and we're grateful for their efforts. This year the Tennis Committee is made up of the following members: Jen and Mike Davis, Sean and Tyla Quirk, Chris Berry, Lianne and Paul Cataldo, Roy and Maryanne Coates, Michelle and Tom Dwyer, Maureen and Terrence Faherty, Peter Finnegan, Ellen and Peter Fitzpatrick, Peter and Lori Gates, Julie and Dan Gilbert, Barbara and Chris Horne, Eric and Karen Limont, Dave and Rosemary Nelson, Jen and
John Palmer, Suzanne and Rick Russell, Joan Ankner, Michael and Ann Gilligan, and Michael and Jennifer Rohnstock.

Thank you to Commodore Guard, Tennis Pro Mike Davis, the members of the Tennis Committee and let's look forward to another great season of tennis at the SHYC.

- John Hayes
Tennis Committee Chair

Adult Tournament Schedule

Event Date
McMorrow Men's Doubles June 29-30
Limont SMUT July 6-7
Fairclough Adult Junior July 13-14
Finnegan Mixed Doubles July 20-21
Cloney Parent Child July 26,27,28
Driscoll Men's Doubles August 3-4
Fitzpatrick Women's Doubles August 10-11
Mayo Men's / Quinlan Women's Singles August 17-18
FINALS (Possibly SMUT & Parent Child) August 24-25
FINALS (Possibly Mixed Doubles & Adult Junior August 31, Sept 1

Youth Tournament Schedule

Event Date
(Age 8 - 9) Singles August 13
(Age 8 - 9) Doubles & Mixed August 14
(Age 14 - 16) Singles August 15
(Age 14 - 16) Doubles & Mixed August 16
(Age 10 - 11) Singles August 20
(Age 10 - 11) Doubles & Mixed August 21
(Age 12 - 13 & up) Singles August 22
(Age 12 - 13) Doubles & Mixed August 23

Special Tennis Events

Event Date Chairs
Tennis Carnival (Age 6-8) August 30
Tennis Banquet September 7

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