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2020 SHYC Tennis Guidelines

Through Phase 1 only Singles play is allowed.

Players sharing a household may play Doubles with a limit of four people on the court at any one time.

Pickleball will be limited through Phase 1 to Singles on Court 3.

Masks should be worn arriving to the courts but are optional while on the courts.

Gates to the courts will be secured open during the day to limit contact to common surfaces.

Players are asked to enter the courts through the gate at their assigned court and not walk across both courts.

Players are asked to leave tennis bags outside the courts and only bring in racquets, balls and bottled water.

Benches and water coolers have been removed.

Each player should have their own dedicated can of balls and only use your hands to pick up your own balls. Otherwise use your foot to kick a ball or your racquet to return a ball to your opponent. Balls should be marked for identification or use different brands or numbered balls.

Please use the Signup Sheet to reserve a court and to record your use of the courts. We ask you to bring your own pen.

A net will be set up to separate Courts 1 and 2 to limit balls from crossing between courts.

A Ball Quarantine Bucket will be positioned between Courts 1 and 2 should a ball be compromised.

Adult Tournament Schedule

Event Date
McMorrow Men's Doubles
Limont SMUT
Fairclough Adult Junior
Finnegan Mixed Doubles
Cloney Parent Child
Driscoll Men's Doubles
Fitzpatrick Women's Doubles
Mayo Men's / Quinlan Women's Singles
FINALS (Possibly SMUT & Parent Child)
FINALS (Possibly Mixed Doubles & Adult Junior

Youth Tournament Schedule

Event Date
(Age 8 - 9) Singles
(Age 8 - 9) Doubles & Mixed
(Age 14 - 16) Singles
(Age 14 - 16) Doubles & Mixed
(Age 10 - 11) Singles
(Age 10 - 11) Doubles & Mixed
(Age 12 - 13 & up) Singles
(Age 12 - 13) Doubles & Mixed

Special Tennis Events

Event Date Chairs
Tennis Carnival (Age 6-8)
Tennis Banquet

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