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SHYC is happy to announce it will be opening the pool Saturday, June 20th for the 2020 season! Although Phase 2 does not permit swim lessons, SHYC is permitted to offer Junior and Senior Swim Team practices. The Junior Swim Team practices will focus on stroke mechanics, so in many ways, your swimmers may find them very similar to their lessons last summer.

To accommodate the guidelines established by the state for Phase 2, the pool will be operating differently than it has in the past. These guidelines may change in Phase 3, which is scheduled to begin on June 29th. We are hopeful the guidelines will loosen, and the club will be able to expand its offerings. Until then, here is a summary of the new pool guidelines:

General Registration and Reservation Process

  • The maximum seating capacity during Phase 2 is limited to 45 members, so there is a daily schedule with 2-hour time slots. Each member will be permitted to reserve (2) two-hour timeslots each week, Sunday to Saturday)
  • Members will need to click on the "Reservation Registration" tab located on either the Swimming or Tennis landing page. Fill out the form to enroll. Then you will be able to sign-up for a timeslot (same process for reserving a tennis court)
  • Walk-ins are permitted on a first come/first serve basis if there are unfilled timeslots, a reservation cancelation, or a no show for a reservation

Adult Swim and Adult Only Seating

  • Adult Only Seating and Adult swim is walk-in only and is on a first come/first serve basis
  • Maximum pool capacity for Adult swimming is 8 swimmers
  • No more than 2 Adult swimmers are permitted per lane
  • Maximum capacity for Adult Only Seating is 18 members
  • Children are not permitted in the Adult seating area

Pool Deck and Lockers

  • Only one-way entry and exit to/from the pool area (Spinnaker Cafe gate entry and Filter gate exit)
  • Front gate, side tennis gate and back gate entrances will not be accessible
  • No lost and found. Members will check their table area before leaving and take their belongings with them. Any items found during cleaning between reserved time slots will be discarded (with the exception of phones, keys and other valuables)
  • Tennis backboard will not be accessible from the back gate of the pool
  • All members must leave the pool area promptly at 8pm, so the pool area can be cleaned.
  • Lingering and socializing in the pool area is not permitted after 8pm.
  • Restrooms cannot be used as changing areas
  • Kids activity room will not be accessible
  • Children are not permitted to play or congregate in the locker area

Swim Team Practices

  • Registration will begin Friday, June 19th
  • Swim team practices will begin June 29th (same as sailing and tennis)
  • Junior swim team practices will be limited to 6 swimmers per session to promote social distancing. Swimmers will swim the width of the pool, permitting each swimmer a 12ft space
  • Senior swim team practices will be limited to 12 swimmers per session
  • During swim practice, adults whose children are swimming are able to observe on deck. They will be assigned a table by the pool attendant

Lifeguards and Coaches

  • Lifeguards and coaches have been debriefed to practice protocol, pool guidelines and how they should be implemented
  • Lifeguards will announce swimming social distancing guidelines at the beginning of every 2-hour time slot/reservation (no chicken fights, dunking, etc.)

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the pool and are hoping for more good news once Phase 3 guidelines are released.


Bill Hoover

Pool Chair

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